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The absolute of tuberose, obtained by extraction, is a very precious and expensive raw material in perfume shop. Its important production at the beginning of the century in Fat is now more developed in India. It exhales a complex scent with a waxy, fat side, at the very milky beginning. Its magic smell, which evolves enormously, is very intense in the composition of a perfume.

Our perfume is built around the powerful note of Oud and the Tuberose of India, associated with the sandalwood with a track of osmanthus of China for a very pure version of the essential wooden oil of aloe (Aquilaria subintrega) of Thailand.

Oud du Siam et sa Tubéreuse des Indes

  • Cristal bottle, 150 mL, Eau de parfum 15% concentration.
    Produced in Nicolas de Barry's workshop, 100% natural.
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