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Custom-made Perfumes

For more than 20 years, Nicolas de Barry has created custom-made perfumes for royal families and stars.  One could say that in perfumery, it can be compared to haute couture in relation to ready-to-wear fashion.


The client is invited to stay in Candes Saint Martin (Loire valley) to meet the perfumer and discover the different olfactive families. The client’s preferences will allow the designer to formulate and recommend, in the weeks that follow their encounter, one or several samples for the “perfume project”. Several tests are sometimes necessary before the final product is attained. The formula is kept by the perfumer but remains the client’s property for life.


Nicolas de Barry keeps his clients names confidential, with one major exception: he is authorised to mention the Countess of Paris, wife of the Count of Paris, who is at the head of the French royal family.


At the special demand of his clients, Nicolas de Barry travels in France or internationally.

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