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The Perfume Ceremony

By Nicolas de Barry

In order to affirm the artistic character of the perfume, Nicolas de Barry imagined a practice open to the public, original and creative.

Inspired by an ancestral Japanese practice, the "Kodo Ceremony" (itself derived from an ancient Chinese practice), where a "Master" initiates enlightened amateurs to the fragrances, essentially of woods and resins presented by fumigation, Nicolas de Barry proposes a symbiosis between the arts: the aesthetic dimension is associated with olfactory discovery, and the pictorial, musical and gastronomic experiences present in the session. Nicolas de Barry has drawn on both Western and Eastern traditions of perfumery for a modern reinterpretation of this practice. You will discover the rarest raw materials in perfumery, you will compare their origins, you will be initiated to the metamorphosis of creation...

Nicolas de Barry make you discover by a video, this proposal, a kind of initiation-show that you can book as a group. This ceremony will also be programmed in the framework of cultural institutions and other private or public venues.

French version :

English version :

Portuguese version :

Spanish version :

Chinese version :

Program :

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