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Nicolas de Barry présentant des cours de Parfumerie. Des initiations au métier de Parfumeur. Nicolas de Barry parfumeur de luxe dans la Haute Parfumerie.

International Master Classes

Nicolas de Barry offers Master Classes in Candes St Martin, Loire Valley (Unesco World Heritage) and at the Laboratoire Centiflor in Provence. He also gives courses in luxury hotels such as: Reid's Palace in Madère (Orient Express Group); Saint Regis Resort in Bali (Starwood Group); Taj Palace, New Delhi in India and Kulm Palace in St Moritz.


Master Classes are generally held over one week (5 days). The course is for clients who are interested by the theme offered and who wish to spend some time in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere around the very charming subject of perfumes in privileged surroundings.

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