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There is more than hundred varieties of roses. The most used in perfume shop are Rosa Centifolia de Grasse (or "Rose de Mai") and Rosa Damascena of Turkey, Bulgaria and Morocco. This second is handled to obtain the absolute or distilled to offer a fresher, essential oil. The rose is, with the jasmine, one of the flowers the most used in perfume shop since Antiquity.

Our flavor is built around the powerful note of Oud and Rose of Bulgaria, associated with the sandalwood with a track of osmanthus of China for a very pure version of the essential wooden oil of aloe (Aquilaria subintrega) of Thailand.

Oud from Siam and Rose from Bulgaria 70 mL

  • Cristal bottle, 70 mL, Eau de parfum 15% concentration.
    Produced in Nicolas de Barry's workshop, 100% natural.

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