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Amber is one of the mythical raw materials of perfumery. It comes from a stomach Whale production that collectors pick up in secret on the beaches, it was formerly attributed to perfumes from ancient Atlantis ... Amber has always been more expensive than gold.

Now banned in perfumery (though the whale is not put to death for their amber, he spits these stones of itself ...), we present a 100% natural fragrance , so off of trade, which has 60 amber % that I made myself with a ball of amber , which has macerated for a quarter century.

Limited to 10 numbered and autographed bottles series for fans of "perfume perfume " ...

Copie de Ambre Interdit

  • 50 ml, Eau de Parfum 15% concentration. Produced in Nicolas de Barry’s workshop, 100% natural: 480 Euros.
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