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Books written by Nicolas de Barry


ABC of Perfume

A small encyclopaedia in pocket­book format about the art of perfume written in collaboration with G. Vindry and M. Turonet. This work chapters the creation and the history of perfume alternating raw materials, bottles and the greatest perfumes of the century.A basic reference book for all perfume' s lovers.


Perfumes to Make By Yourself

​Through approximately fifty recipes of perfumes, soaps, shampoos, bath salts, massage oils, hairoils, candles... the perfumer Nicolas de Barry introduces us to the elaboration of this symphony of the senses. His recipes, which are synonyms for refinement, pleasure and seduction are extremely simple and are composed of natural products. A book that inspires sensuality, heady and mellow as you keep exudes scents of iris, ginger, patchouli, rose, ylang­ylang, cinnamon, agarwood, ambergris and blackberries... For a perfumed journey through ancient Egypt up to modern days, passing by 19th century France court habits' and India's sensual oils....  


Indian Perfumes

​Originally, there were the raw materials : spices, roots and flowers, cultivated since the Antiquity and sought after by all civilisations. Vasco de Gama coveted them when he disembarked off the coast of Malabar in the south­west of India, one of the principal reserve of high quality essential oils: spices, vetiver, jasmine, agarwood, calamus, rose, tuberose or sandalwood. During the 16th century, the Mongols came bringing with them the refinement of the new techniques in perfumery, such as the attar, a distilled of flowers on a sandalwood base which is still used in Kanauj in the centre of India . In the religious rituals, perfume plays a very important part: for example, a paste composed of sandalwood is placed on the forehead of the members of the congregation. For Indians, body and spirit are a whole, therefore their daily use of ointments, perfumes and hair treatments are considered as being essential in their search for beauty and health.Five perfumes have been specially created for this book by Nicolas de Barry: l’eau de gingembre, the heady tuberose, the attar rose, the vetiver of the maharadjas and the sandalwood, a sacred wood.


101 Perfumes to Discover

​Amongst the many perfumes available to the consumer, Nicolas de Barry has chosen his favourites, some are mythical perfumes others are finds in the midst of the new niche perfumes.A guide to enable you to buy judiciously and to know more about the most famous modern perfumes.

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