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A creator of Haute Parfumerie

Nicolas de Barry,  traditional French perfumery dedicated to natural raw materials.


Nicolas de Barry is a perfumer who is entirely dedicated to his art: he is strongly attached to ancient perfumery traditions, and searches throughout the whole world for the rarest essences. In his house in the Loire Valley in France, he composes: custom designed perfumes, historical perfumes and 100% natural perfumes.

Historical Perfumes
Custom-Made Perfumes
Natural Perfumes

Nicolas de Barry is an unusual personality in the perfumery sphere. Having studied Sociology (PhD,  Paris Sorbonne), he began his career in the diplomatic field. He has received a Historical Award from the famous “Académie Française,” and has published books in the historical domain before beginning his career in perfumery in 1992.


From his meetings with the famous perfumers, Edmond Roudnitska (the brilliant creator of Diorissimo and eau Sauvage), Françoise Marin (who was a long standing director of the School of Perfumery of Givaudan-Roure in Grasse) and Rodrigue Romani, arose a vocation: “Perfumery is a craft of art.”  “We learn from our masters thus I place myself within a tradition, within the continuity of a traditional art”, says De Barry.


In France, he lives in Candes Saint Martin, Loire Valley (Unesco World Heritage). He creates perfumes and receives his clients there to compose their exclusive perfumes.


In 2003, he created a line of perfumes: “Les Parfums Historiques”, faithfully recreating historical perfumes, and his own label: Maison Nicolas de Barry. Always looking for the best quality raw materials, Nicolas de Barry travels around the world to find them at the best sources. He has thus developed a line of 100% natural perfumes composed of the rarest and most precious essences such as agarwood, (oud), which he has used for over twenty years in the composition of many of his custom-made perfumes.


He organizes Master Classes and artistic events. He has been awarded with the highest French cultural prize given by the Minister of Culture, (Chevalier des Arts et Lettres, 2011).

He is the author of several reference books in the perfumery domaine: « Des parfums à faire soi-même » (Minerva), translated in portuguese (Boccato) , « L’Inde des parfums » (Garde-Temps), « L’ABCdaire du parfum » (Flammarion), translated in italian (Rizzoli) and in portuguese (Publico), « 101 parfums à découvrir » (Dunod), translated in chinese (Taiwan: The Commercial Press / PR China: Chu Chen Books), "Mes Recettes de Parfums" (Candes), translated in english (Candes).

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